Accounting Salary Survey is a commonly resorted tool that is aimed towards those who are pursuing a career in the field of accounts. With the help of these surveys, one can gauge the prevailing salary trend in the market for accountants. This data is required by companies to ensure that the compensation package provided by them is at par with the industry.

Accounting Salary Survey Sample

1. Number of years you have been working?

a. 0-5 years

b. 5-10 years

c. 10-15 years

d. If more than 15 years, please mention —————

2. What is your Qualification?

a. Graduate

b. Under Graduate

c. Post Graduate

d. CA

e. CA

f. Cost Accountant

g. CS

h. If anything else, please specify___________

3. Do you have any Additional qualifications?

a. MS Computer

b. Tally

c. Excel

d. Mathematics

e. Others Please Specify

4. Please Mention your Present Company Name:

5. What is your salary Package?

a. Less than Industry Standard

b. At par with Industry Standard

c. More than Industry Standard

6.  What is your designation?

a. Junior Accountant

b. Accountant

c. Assistant Accountant

d. Senior Accountant

e. Head Of Department

f.   VP

g. CEO

h. If others please specify————

7. Please elaborate your job profile

8. Are you happy with your salary?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What is the Educational Background Required for your job?

10. Number of Employees in your company?

a. less than 100

b. 100-250

c. 250-500

d. 500-1000

e. 1000-1500

f. 1500-3000

g. Above 3000

11. Where is your company located (Please mention State and City)?

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