The actuarial salary survey is aimed to quantify the amount of salary received by actuaries who is that business professional proficient in dealing with the economic impact of risk.

Actuarial Salary Survey Sample

  1. 1. For how long are you working in this organization?

a)   Less than 1 year

b)   1-5 years

c)   5-10 years

d)   10 years or more

  1. 2. How is your work experience?

a)   It is a great experience, really.

b)   I am very eager to change this company.

  1. 3. During your stay with this company, have you been promoted?

a)   Yes, I have been promoted and my salary has also increased.

b)   No, I have not received any promotion.

  1. 4. What is the salary you are currently receiving?

a)   Rs. 25,000-35,000

b)   Rs. 35,000-50,000

c)   Rs. 50,000-1,00,000

d)   More than 1 lakh

  1. 5. Are you happy with your current package?

a)   Yes, I am getting what I deserve

b)   No, with my qualifications, I should get more.

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