An Adolescent stress survey is aimed to find those root causes that creates stress among adolescents. These types of surveys focuses on various issues that an individual faces in his adolescent years and then try to find out that how do the individuals tackle these issues.

Adolescent Stress Survey Sample

1. Name that one thing which is the major reason of worry for you?

A. Family and siblings

B. School-College

C. Romance –Relationships

D. Future Planning.

2. Do you like to participate in school-college activities and social functions/gatherings?

A. Yes, regularly

B. No, I don’t like that.

C. Sometimes only.

D. Often, when I can spare time.

3. What do you think about your life, how is it going on?

A. Full of worries and tensions

B. It’s carefree and joyful.

C. It’s normal

D. Some problems but still it’s good.

4. How do you respond to stress conditions?

A. By discussing with family/friends.

B. Ignore it.

C. By trying to find out root cause.

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