An Air Travel Survey is a survey which is conducted to get opinions and views of people who travel by air on their experiences during the travelling. These surveys are generally conducted by large organisations and even by airlines. Air travel surveys help to evaluate the performances of different airlines or the respective airline by or for which the survey is conducted. The answers to the questions help to identify the main positive as well as negative areas and to improve upon the unsatisfactory points.

Air travel survey sample:

1. How often do you travel by air in a year?

a) 0-2 times

b) 2-4 times

c) 4-10 times

d) More than 10 times

2. What is the criterion for selecting a particular airline?

a) Hospitality

b) Flight rates

c) The comfort level

d) Overall functionality and convenience

3. Are you satisfied with the condition of the airports in the country?

a) Yes

b) No

4. Which according to you is the best airline in the country?

a) Air India

b) Kingfisher airline

c) Jet airways

d) Go Air

5. Do you prefer air travel over rail travel?

a) Yes

b) No

6. What do you think about the rates of airlines?

a) Very high

b) High

c) Acceptable

d) low

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