An annual business survey is conducted to determine the outcome of businesses and help in improving the same for effective results. The Annual Business Survey covers a lot of businesses like the construction, catering, trades, fisheries etc. The questions asked would be normally based on all the financial transactions of the business which would include their assets, liabilities, profits, salaries paid to employees etc.

Annual Business Survey Sample

1. Are you the person who has all the financial information about the business?

a. Yes

b. No

2. Is this a partnership or sole proprietor business?

a. Partnership

b. Sole Proprietor

c. Others (Please specify) ___________

3. How many branches does this business include?

a. One

b. More than one

c. None

d. Others (Please specify) __________

4. Apart from the partners how many employees are currently working in your company?

a. More than fifty

b. Less than fifty

c. Not sure

d. Other please specify

5. What is the annual turnover of your business?

a. More than 0 to 25

b. More than 50

c. More than 100

d. Prefer not to say

6. Based on the turnover, would you say that the business generates a profit or loss?

a. Profit

b. Loss

c. Not sure

d. Not comfortable to answer

7. Where do you generate all your ideas for the business?

a. Family

b. Friends

c. Partners

d. Employees

e. Legal advisors

8. Is there any financial back up for contingencies?

a. Yes

b. No

9. What were the major problems you faced when starting this business?

a. Financial

b. Lack of management skills

c. Lack of proper employees

d. Unable to keep up with the new market changes

10. What is the goal of this business in the next five years?

a. Better turnover

b. Financial increase

c. Be updated with all the new market changes

d. New branches

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