The apartment market survey aims at collecting data about openings, apartment lease, sale value, planned new growth, operating cost, condominium adaptation etc. It relies on comments from shareholder, lenders, developers, evaluators, dealers, and others.

Apartment Market Survey Sample

  1. When was the market tightness index highest?
  1. Highest now
  2. Higher before
  3. Didn’t change

2) How are the market conditions in apartments of local markets ?

  1. Tighter now
  2. Looser now
  3. Unchanged now
  4. Not applicable

3) The recent sale of properties compared to previous months.

  1. Higher than before
  2. Lower than before
  3. Hasn’t changed much

4) How is the equity financing now for development of apartments compared to previous months?

a. Much more

b. lesser than before

c. remains unchanged

d. hasn’t been determined

5) How will you determine the multifamily mortgage conditions ?

a. This is the better time

b. It was better before

c. Doesn’t matter much

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