An Architect salary survey helps to estimate the amount of salary and appurtenances that an architect gets. These surveys also help the prospective architect to analyze the current architect salary structure in the market.

Architect Salary Survey Sample

Just tick the approximate answer

1) What is the salary for entry level architect graduate in your organization?

  1. 1-2.5lakh
  2. 2.5lakh-5lakh
  3. More than 5 lakh

2) What salary is paid per annum to an experienced professional architect in your organization?

  1. 3lakh-5lakh
  2. 5lakh-8lakh
  3. More than 8lakh

3)   If a sudden issue creeps up from the plan made by you, will there be a difference on the salary?

  1. Yes , certainly it would
  2. No, it would never affect the salary
  3. Depends until the issue is not that big

4) Which of the below mention state in this field of architecture gives hike in salary?

  1. Specialized
  2. Experience
  3. Both

5) What is the range of appurtenances received along with salary per annum?

  1. Below 10,000
  2. More than 10,000

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