Are you in love survey; as the title indicates, is a survey that helps to know the people whether they are in love or not. The survey contains some simple questions about the feelings and views of an individual regarding love and relationships.

Are You in Love Survey Sample

1. What attracted you most towards him/her?

A. Looks.

B. Career/Money.

C. Nature.

D. Complete personality.

2. How would you explain your relation?

A. Full of excitement.

B. Mature.

C. Friendship

D. Love.

3. Do you think that your partner also love you in the same way?

A. Yes, very much.

B. No.

C. Don’t know.

4. The first thing that comes to your mind after waking up in morning about him/her?

A. I m happy with her/him.

B. Call/text him/her.

C. Check his/her call/text.

D. When are we meeting?

5. Do you like to dress-up for him/her?

A. Yes always.

B. Sometimes.

C. Often.

D. Not much.

6. How often do you miss him/her?

A. Always

B. At times

C. Never

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