Baby shower is an important event for the mother to be and the family. One has to take care of all the possible nitty-gritty to welcome the new one, not to forget, you cannot miss out your family and friends in the happy hour. All this often get heard to handle single handed and thus a baby shower party survey helps to plan the party.

Baby Shower Party Planning Survey Sample

1. How many guests do you expect for the baby shower party?

a) More than one hundred

b) Less than one hundred

c) Less than fifty

2. What kind of cuisine are you planning for the party?

a) Italian

b) Chinese

c) Mexican

d) Other (please specify) _____________

3. Would you be making all the arrangements yourself or give the responsibility to a party planner?


4. What is your total budget for the party?

a) More than $10000

b) Less than $10000

c) Less than $5000

5. Have you decided on any theme for the decoration?

a) Yes

b) Somewhat

c) No

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