Business Survey questions have become a mandatory part of each small, medium and large scale business organizations. These survey questions will help the industry or company to collect data to evaluate its ranking and popularity against competitors. Such survey is organized by a company, a private institution and Government to declare the ranking of same category organizations.

Business Survey Question Sample:

Q.1 Is it the first time you have initiated business with us?

  • o Yes
  • o No

Q2.Do you like our staff support regarding your queries?

Q3. How do you rate our overall deal strategies?

  • o Excellent
  • o Good
  • o Average
  • o Not satisfactory

Q4.Do you feel satisfied with our services?

Q5.Would you like to recommend our services to others?

  • oYes
  • o No
  • o Not Sure

Q6.Kindly provide us your views about our organization which you would like us to improve upon?

Q7. Is there anything which you like more in our competitor company than us?

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