A business survey is done to evaluate how successful is the business and what are its chances of growth and also what kind of hurdles it can face. A business survey template is the format in which the survey is done so as to get the accurate and needed results.

Business Survey Template Sample:

__________________________ [Name of the business or company]

_____________________ [address of office]

__________________ [date on which the survey is taking place in dd/mm/yy format]

1. How many years back did you establish your business?

a) _____________

b) _____________

c) ______________

[Options of number of years back the business was established]

2. What is the capital amount with which you started your business?

a) _________________

b) _____________________

c) ____________________

[Options of capital amount invested]

3. What is the annual profit of your business?

a) _________________

b) _________________

c) ________________

[Options of profit amount]

4. What business do you specialize in?


[Mention the product or services offered by business]

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