Capacity planning survey is a very important process for planning in a business. It helps to determine the capacity of production required by an organization based on the changing demands in the market. This survey benefits all the company in the production process and helps to understand whether the organization is poorly run or run efficiently.

Sample Capacity Planning Survey

  1. What is your monthly production target?

a)   One million

b)   Less than one million

c)   More than million

  1. Are you able to meet the target?

a)   Always

b)   Often

c)   Sometimes

d)   Rarely

e)   Never

  1. Do you feel that your production capacity is as per changing business demands?

a)   Yes

b)   To a certain extent

c)   No, not at all

  1. Do you feel that your company has the ability to handle future workload in order to meet demands?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Maybe

  1. Would like to say something about the capacity planning process in your company?


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