A career choice survey is used for helping a person in making a career choice. The survey helps to analyze what that individual usually loves doing and it prevents the person from making mistakes while choosing a career.

Sample Career Choice Survey

1. Which is your favorite field of education?

a) Arts

b) Science

c) Commerce

d) Others (please specify) ___________

2. What matters to you most when you join an organization?

a) Job profile

b) Pay package

c) Work environment

d) Colleagues

e) Infrastructure

3. What kind of working environment do you usually prefer?

a) Outdoor working environment

b) Calm and peaceful environment

c) Environment with friendly and interesting people

d) Environment which gives you freedom for decision making

e) Environment with supervision

4. Where would you prefer working?

a) Government sector

b) Private organization

5. What is the current course that you are undergoing?


6. What qualities do you have, that make you feel will make you successful?


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