A career cluster survey is a survey which is in the form of a questionnaire which is conducted amongst young people to know about their preference of career choices. Such surveys also help respondents to know the kind of career that would be to their liking and choices which is evaluated through their answers or the responses.

Sample career cluster survey:

Name: _________________

Middle name: _________________

Last name: ___________________

Date of birth: __________________

Email address: _________________

Phone number: _________________

Address: ____________________

Class/section: ______________

School/college name: ______________

Kindly answer the questions which are given as follows. Make sure you answer all the questions and within the spaces which are provided.

Q1. Tick the activities which describe you the best from the following choices.

a)   Learn how things function and work

b)   Go to the depth of matter and understand details

c)   Just mugging up the given facts

d)   Not interested in learning

Q2. Which of the following is your favourite subject or field?

a)   English and literature

b)   Physics

c)   Mathematics

d)   Business and finance

e)   Economics

f)    Social studies

g)   Other(Please mention)

Q3. Which of the following fields do you see yourself fit in other than academics?

a)   Singing

b)   Dancing and performing

c)   Acting and drama

d)   Sports and physical activities

e)   Chef

f)    Travelling related

Q4. What are the personal habits that describe you the best out of the following options?

a)   Self reliant

b)   Nature lover

c)   Physically active

d)   Detailed worker

e)   Hard worker

f)    Creative problem solver

g)   planning

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