A career clusters interest survey is a survey which is done on the basis of various interests of an individual. This helps in analyzing which career would be most suitable for the person. This survey is taken mostly by students.

Sample Career Clusters Interest Survey

1. What are those activities that describe what you usually like to do?

a) Taking care of and protecting the environment

b) Travelling outdoors, irrespective of the weather

c) Planning, budgeting and maintaining records

d) Staying alive by learning how things grow

2. What describes your personal quality the most?

a) Patient

b) Curiosity

c) Solving problems creatively

d) Focused

3. What do you usually do in your pastime?

a) Read

b) Write

c) Play a musical instrument

d) Learning technological things

e) Spend time with gadgets

4. Which is your favorite subject at school?

a) Mathematics

b) English

c) Science

d) Arts

e) History

5. What according to you is your best professional quality?

a) Hard working

b) Meeting deadlines

c) Punctual

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