A career evaluation survey is one that is made use of by an employer to assess the career of an employee. A career evaluation survey is done to help identify various facets of the career needs that lead the employee in a steady path. The survey can cater to different stages in the career path of an employee as well. A sample career evaluation survey is given below for reference.

Sample Career Evaluation survey:

Name : _______________________

Career Chosen : _______________________

Q1: Please mention your educational qualification.


Q2: Select from the below options whether you try to remain objective and consider the facts while making decisions?

  1. I am always objective.

  2. I am not at all objective.

  3. Not sure

  4. I am practical.

Q3. Choose from the below mentioned options whether you try to influence others while making critical decisions.

  1. Yes, very influential

  2. No, Not at all.

  3. Not sure.

  4. Depends on the situation.

Q4: Do you compromise on the quality of the work for on time delivery, Please specify.

  1. No

  2. Sometimes

  3. Mostly yes, forced to.

  4. Mostly no, will take time if required.

Q5: Do you wish to compromise on important decisions to settle the matter on way or the other.

  1. Yes

  2. No

Q6: Please select from the below on your preference for bringing up innovation in work, and create new systems.

  1. Yes always.

  2. No

  3. At times

Q7: Mention if you standardise few procedures for making the process system reliable rather than person oriented

  1. No would want it to be people oriented.

  2. Yes, very much.

  3. Not sure.

Q8: Are you a practical hands-on person, or more like an advisor in the project

  1. Yes, practical hands-on person.

  2. No, want to be technical guide.

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