A career goal survey is a survey which helps an employer in analysing the long time and short time goals of an employee. A career goal survey throws lot of clarity in the career goals, thus helping the employee to choose the right career or area of work. A sample of career goal survey is given below for reference.

Sample Career goal survey:

Name : _______________________

Job position : ____________________________

Q1: Please specify about your educational qualification.


Q2: Select from the below options, on what basis would you select your career.

  1. Compensation.

  2. Geographical location of work.

  3. Company’s popularity

  4. Not sure.

Q3. Choose from the below mentioned options, what are your short term goals in the selected career.

  1. Acquire thorough knowledge about the job.

  2. Hold a responsible position, as a lead.

  3. Not sure.

  4. Probably learn as much and shift out.

Q4: Choose from the below mentioned options, where do you see yourself in next ten years with respect to chosen career and your career prospects.

  1. On a steady graph.

  2. At the top management, holding lot of accountabilities.

  3. Not sure.

  4. Will probably shift to another career/company.

Q5: Please specify the possible adversities you fear in reaching your short term goals.

  1. Middle management pressure

  2. Nothing.

  3. Not being recognised.

  4. Not sure.

Q6: Please specify, whether you would prefer to break through or come up with creative ideas to overcome the adversities to reach your long term goal

  1. Yes would overcome difficulties to reach desired height.

  2. If, not satisfied would shift out.

  3. Not sure.

Q7: Do you plan to build your skills and equip yourself through training programs organised by the company.

  1. Yes, very much.

  2. Not sure.

  3. Plan to go for higher studies quitting the company.

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