A career interest inventory survey is an important tool designed to understand which job will be most interesting for an individual. A number of career options are mentioned in the survey that enables the person to do whatever he finds interesting and loves to do. The survey assesses various jobs to ensure that the person has taken the right career path.

Sample Career Interest Inventory Survey

1. What is your area of interest?

a) Business, finance and accounting

b) Arts, design and humanities

c) Medical and healthcare

d) Science and engineering

e) Media and entertainment

2. Which characteristic describes you the best?

a) Practical and conventional

b) Hard working

c) Risk taking

d) Implementing new ideas

3. What do you do during your pastime?

a) Reading

b) Writing

c) Surfing the net

d) Other (please specify) ____________________

4. How do you prefer working?

a) Working with a group of people in a team

b) Working alone

5. What kinds of environment do you like working in?

a) Peaceful

b) Noisy

c) Outdoor among nature

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