A career research survey is a survey which contains questions about the interest, need, expectations of a person with respect to the career. A career research survey is done to benchmark the various aspects that are related in choosing a career. It helps a person to select a career according to their self interest which benefits the person both professionally and personally. A sample career research survey is given below for better understanding.

Sample Career Research survey:

Name : _______________________

Skill Set : _______________________

Q1: Please explain about the educational qualification.


Q2: Please list your previous work experiences


Q3. Select form the below mentioned options on the kind of career you would prefer.

  1. Freelancer

  2. Entrepreneur

  3. Salaried work.

  4. Self employed.

Q4: Choose from the below options on the type of job you want to get into.

  1. Government

  2. Private

  3. Business partnership

Q5: Select the type of industry you would want to venture into from the listed options.

  1. Media

  2. Marketing

  3. Finance/Law

  4. Engineering/construction.

  5. Medical.

  6. Craft/others.

Q6: Please select from the below on your preference on the mode of your work involvement.

  1. Full time

  2. Part time

  3. Office

  1. Site

Q7: Mention how satisfied you are in your current career from the options listed below.

  1. No not at all.

  2. Yes, very much.

  3. Average

Q8: Please choose from below option whether you are a self motivated person or you require constant motivation to keep you going.

  1. Yes, I am a self motivated person

  2. No, I require constant motivation.

  3. Not sure

Q9: Do you believe in striving hard to reach your goals.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

Q10.What do you do in your free time


Q11: Do you thrive for constant recognitions in your organization?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

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