A career search survey done by an individual who is searching for the career that would be most suitable for him. The survey saves time for the individual and helps in making right decision.

Sample Career search Survey

1. How would you define yourself as a person?

a) Caring and sympathetic

b) Listening to people attentively

c) Fast at grabbing things

d) Patient

e) Careful

2. Which is the subject that you enjoyed most when you were in school?

a) Mathematics

b) English

c) Commerce

d) Science

e) History

3. What excites you the most?

a) Giving tips to stay healthy

b) Helping sick people

c) Doing something for the environment

d) Playing sports

e) Doing something creative

4. What do you usually do whenever you have free time?


5. What kind of job do you prefer?

a) That gives you good money

b) That gives you recognition

c) That gives you experience

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