A career self assessment survey is a type of survey which is taken up by an individual so as to know that which area of career and job will best suit to him/her. These surveys can be considered as the first step towards the process of career planning and helps an individual to assess himself on the basic of his skills, values, personality and interest. Besides start of the career these types of surveys can also be taken up by individuals who wish to change their career or field of work. An individual can study the survey themselves or even take the help of the career counselor so as to know a career best suited for him.


Sample Career Self Assessment Survey

Name of the person taking the career: __________________________

Age of the Person: _______________________________________________

Contact Number: ______________________________________________________

Residential Address: _________________________________________________–

Q1. What are your educational qualifications?


Q2. How would you best describe yourself?

  1. Introvert
  2. Extrovert
  3. Lively
  4. Enterprising
  5. Others [ Please specify]

Q3. Which among the following is your favorite field?

  1. Sports
  2. Managements
  3. Finance
  4. Human Recourse
  5. Creativity
  6. Others [ Please specify]

Q4. How important is salary for you in a job?

  1. It’s the most important factor
  2. It is one of the important factor
  3. It is not all that important

Q5. Do you agree that one should contribute towards the society through their job/career?

  1. Strongly Agree
  2. Somewhat agree
  3. Disagree
  4. Strongly disagree

Q6. Which among the following skill sets do you possess?

  1. Communication skills
  2. Good Management skills
  3. Good Leadership skills
  4. Good listening skills
  5. Good writing skills
  6. Others[ Specify]

Q7. How would you rate the following on the basis of their preference?

  1. Salary
  2. Job Profile
  3. Job Satisfaction
  4. Quality work
  5. Time

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