This cash management survey is posed to evaluate the trends of cash management in the current world. It provides an essential resource to the treasurers to compete against their industry peers.

Cash Management Survey Sample

1) How many providers of cash management is the central part of your operation?

a)   1

b)   2-4

c)   5-6

d)   7-10

e)   More than 10

2) In the coming year, do you intend to change the number of cash management providers?

a)   Increase

b)   No change

c)   Decrease

d)   Don’t know

3) When was the last time you re-evaluated your relationships with the cash managers by issuing an RFP?

a)   In the last 12 months

b)   12 to 30 months ago

c)   More than 30 months ago

4) Has the provision of working capital of your bank undergone any change in the past 18 months?

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Don’t know

5) As a result of economic recession, has SEPA become a non-event?

a)   Absolutely yes

b)   I don’t know

c)   Not at all.

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