A CFA salary survey is a survey which helps to know the current trend of salary which is paid to a CFA. These surveys prove to be very helpful for the aspiring CFA’s as well as employers.

CFA Salary Survey Sample

  1. 1. When did you cleared your CFA professional certificate?

a)   This year

b)   Last year

c)   Before that

  1. 2. Have you worked in any organization after that?

a)   Yes, I have

b)   No, I have not

  1. 3. So, how long have you been attached to that organization?

a)   Less than a year

b)   1- 5 years

c)   5- 10 years

d)   More than 10 years

  1. 4. What is the total work experience you have gathered till date?

a)   Less than 1 year

b)   1 to 5 years

c)   5 to 10 years

d)   10 to 20 years

e)   More than 20 years

  1. 5. What is your current salary?

a)   Rs. 25,000 – 50,000

b)   Rs. 50,000 – 1 Lakh

c)   More than Rs. 1 Lakh

  1. Do you think you are paid as per your qualifications?

a)   Yes, I am getting what I deserve

b)   No, I am not getting what I deserve

c)   To some extent.

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  1. Pravin Kadam says:

    Have a 11 years experience in Direct & Indirect Taxation , compliances, what is salary expectation after completing the CFA

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