Education plays an extremely important role in one’s life and children all across the globe are known to go to schools to gain knowledge. Classroom Management Survey is an interesting survey targeted at the students. The feedback from this survey tells the teachers and the school about the infrastructure of the classrooms. It is important to understand, that unless the surroundings are conducive, it is impossible for students to learn. The class room management survey tells the school, that what factors need to be kept in consideration.

Classroom management survey sample

1. Which class do you belong to?

2. How many students are there in your class?

a. less than 10

b. Less than 20

c. less than 30

d. Less than 40

e. Less than 50.

3. How is the layout of the classroom?

a. colourful and interesting

b. Dull and boring

c. Looks old

d. Fun and exciting.

4. Are the chairs comfortable?

a. Yes, they are extremely comfortable

b. No, they are not comfortable.

5. The teacher’s desk is placed at……

a. at one corner of the room

b. right in front of the white board

c. There is no desk for teachers

d. In case of others, please feel free to elaborate.

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