A client feedback survey is a process of gauging the satisfaction level of a client after availing the service of an organization or doing business with a company or agency. The survey helps to point out the various parameters based on which the client was satisfied or dissatisfied.

Sample Client Feedback Survey

1. Do you agree that availing our service has helped you?

a) Yes

b) No

c) To some extent

2. What is your level of satisfaction after availing our service?

a) Very satisfied

b) Satisfied

c) Somewhat satisfied

d) Dissatisfied

3. Was the service delivered on time?

a) Yes

b) No

4. Would you like to avail our service again?

a) Yes

b) Maybe

c) No

5. Was the service provided within your budget?

a) Yes, within budget

b) No, over budget

6. What improvements or changes would you like to see from our end to give you a better service?


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