College alcohol survey is initiated by the college or external bodies to collect the feedback of student on alcohol related issues and their habits.  Such surveys are published in journals and case studies to bring awareness among students and masses.

College Alcohol Survey Sample:

Q1.  Do you have any experience with alcohol related problems in your college?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No. I never had.

Q2.  Do you agree that alcohol has bad impacts on health?

(a)                        Agree

(b)                        Average

(c) Disagree

(d)                        Not sure

Q3. Has any of your friend ever encountered alcohol related accidents or injuries?

(a)                        Yes. Once

(b)                        twice

(c) No

(d)                        Never

Q4.  According to you which is the best option get rid of alcohol habit?

(a)                        Self control and will power

(b)                        Consulting a good doctor

(c) Help of friends and families

Q5.  What is the risk associated with an alcoholic person?

(a)                        Addiction

(b)                        Irregularity

(c) Bad behaviour

(d)                        Poor health

Q6. Which of the following risk is associated with alcohol addiction?

(a)                        Memory loss

(b)                        Lever damage

(c) Brain haemorrhage

(d)                        All of the above

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