A college career survey is a survey which is conducted in a college to know about the most popular career choice amongst college students. These surveys are in the form of multiple questions which are all aimed at knowing the respondent’s preferred choice of career after the completion of college. The questions can be either subjective in nature or multiple choices questions (objective). These surveys help to come to a conclusion about the career trends or to analyse the thinking of the students as far as the career is concerned.

Sample career choice survey:

1. What do you plan to do after college?

a) Study further

b) Take a break

c) Prepare for a career

d) Start with a career

2. If the answer of above question is either c or d, then what career do you have in mind for yourself?

a) Sports related

b) Teaching job

c) A technical job

d) Medical

e) Artistic

f) Mechanical job

g) Other( please mention)

3. Which of the following do you think that your career choice is based upon?

a) The financial/salary aspect

b) interest

c) childhood dream

d) Pressure from parents/friends/guardian

e) Family tradition

f) Skills and talent

g) Other(please mention)

4. Do you see yourself working in this field all your life or would you like to change your career at some point of time?


5. What are your interests other than this field of career choice?


6. Would you like to pursue these interests apart from or together with the career choice?

a) Yes

b) No

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