College interest survey is initiated among students before joining the college and to settle new students in the new college environment. This kind of survey is basically initiated by the colleges and the obtained results are used to set up new polices.

College Interest Survey Sample:

Q.1 Choose one field which describes your interest to get enrolled in the college?

(a)                        medical

(b)                        engineering

(c) commerce

(d)                        fine arts

Q.2 Which of the following factors would you like to have in your college before getting admission?

(a)                        Good Reputation

(b)                        Well educated faculty

(c)  Good infrastructure

(d)                        Neat & clean hostel premises

(e)                        Old school friends

(f)  All of the above

Q3. According to you which are the most important factor while selecting a college for career building?

(a) Rate of passing

(b) Good educational facilities

(c) Effective lab facilities

Q4. Would you like to enrol in a college located near to your residence?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

(c) Does not matter a lot

Q5. What other features would you like to have in your college?

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