With the rapid globalization relationships have also started changing and more often than not end with bitterness, be it at jobs or on the personal front. Thus it would be wise enough to take such crucial decisions after thorough scrutiny of all aspects. It is herein that compatibility surveys find wide application now-a-days. The purpose of such surveys is to conduct an in-depth analysis of all elements involved in the particular issue that is being surveyed, carefully record and present them and finally decide after considering all pros and cons of the situation. Hence people generally regard such surveys as essential and prominent means of choice determination or justification. The following points should therefore be considered before framing compatibility surveys:

  • The questions that help in surveying compatibility should all be unique and not reframed or repeated
  • The survey results should be prepared in a way so as to bring up the levels of agreement versus disagreement.
  • It should effectively discover each of the involved individual’s understandability, supporting ability and communication skills, to be able to hold the strings firmly.
  • All confessions must be genuine and honest.
  • Records of these surveys are to be maintained in form of documents for future reference.

Sample Compatibility Survey

Compatibility Survey Template

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