A compensation survey template is a readymade document so as to find out the compensation received by an employee in an organization. This type of survey template also helps to know the overall salary structure in an industry.

Compensation Survey Template Sample:

_____________________ [Name of the employer]

_____________________ [Address of the employer]

____________________ [Type of business done by the employer company]

___________________ [Total number of employees]

Name: _________________ [Name of the employee]

Designation: ____________ [Job title of the employee]

Age: ______________ [Age of the employee]

1. What is the salary that you receive monthly?

a) _________________

b) ___________________

c) _____________________

[Options of salary range]

2. How often do you receive increments?

a) _______________

b) _______________

c) ___________________

[Options of time period in which the employee receives increment]

3. What do you feel is lacking in the salary structure?


[Suggestion of the employee]

4. What kind of allowances or benefits should be included in the salary structure?


[Suggestion of the employee]

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