A conference is an essential part of any business, so it is very important to do planning for a conference. Thus a conference planning survey helps to decide the reason and importance of the conference, the process in which the conference will be helpful and also the participants in the conference. This survey benefits various organizations especially business firms.

Conference Planning Survey Sample

1. What is the purpose of the conference?

a) Update from clients

b) Discussing performance of business

c) General meeting

d) Other (please specify) ____________

2. Where do you plan to hold the conference?

a) At office premise

b) Rent a conference centre

c) Hotel

3. In which format do you intend to hold the conference?

a) Live video conferencing

b) Telephonic conferencing

c) Other (please specify) ____________

4. Is there any specific department for which the conference is going to be held?

a) Yes

b) No

5. How many members do you expect in the conference?


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