All individuals undergo conflict of some kind or the other throughout their life. Each and every day, they are greeted with some kind of conflict. A conflict arises when more than one kind of thought process is known to influence an individual at the same point of time, and they are unable to decide which one is better than the other. The deftness, with which an individual handles his moments of crisis, makes him a greater being. Conflict management Survey is one such survey that tells you how well you handle crisis.

Conflict management survey Sample

  1. What is your initial reaction when you come across a conflict?
  1. Want to run away
  1. Solve it immediately
  2. Think rationale
  3. Get scared
  1. What makes you get out of a conflict?
  1. Rationale Thinking
  2. Detaching yourself from the situation
  3. Take advice from people around you.
  4. In case of others, please specify….

3. When in a conflict you have the upper hand, you would…

a. Use your position

b. hear the other side of the story

c. try to negotiate

d. cite rules to make your way.

4. Are you satisfied with the way, you handle conflicts?

a. Yes

b. no

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