Who can better know about the plus and minus of the product? It’s the consumer. No one else can better rate a product other than the consumer. Consumer Product Survey is designed to know about the products that are most liked by the consumer among various other products. This gives an insight into the likes and dislikes of consumers regarding a brand.

Consumer Product Survey Sample

  1. 1. Are you:
  2. Male
  3. Female
  1. 2. How did you received this product?
  2. Gift
  3. Purchase
  4. If other, please specify?
  1. 3. How did hear about the sale of this product?
  2. Advertising-Newspaper, radio, TV
  3. Friend / family
  4. Article / magazine
  5. Store
  6. Others, specify__________________________________
  1. 4. From which store did you made the purchase of this product? Specify.



  1. 5. How many different brands did you look out for this product? Specify.


  1. 6. Are you satisfied with this brand?
  2. Extremely satisfied
  3. Satisfied
  4. Fairly Satisfied
  5. Not at all Satisfied

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