Consumer satisfaction survey is a beneficial tool in the hand of company management so as to know the satisfaction level of the customers and thus increase business and earn enormous profits. With this survey, an organization makes effort to meet up with the requirements of consumers.

Consumer Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. How often do you buy our product?

(a)                        Once in a month

(b)                        Once in three months

(c) Once in six months

(d)                        Rarely

Q2. Are you satisfied with the supply rate of our products at your place?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Satisfied

(c) Not so satisfied

Q3.  According to you, which of the following changes will help to improve the sales of our product?

(a)                        Reduce price of product

(b)                        Plan a new packaging

(c) Improve the availability of product

(d)                        If others, please specify

Q4. Are you aware about the benefits that our product offers as compared to others?

(a)                        Fully aware

(b)                        Somewhat aware

(c) Not much aware

Q5. Please provide your overall view on our product?

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