A couple fun survey is a process of assessing the relationship between a couple in a humorous way. This survey helps in testing how an individual loves his or her spouse and what is the quality of their relationship. This survey should have questions which should be romantically wicked and at the same time funny and entertaining.

Sample Couple Fun Survey

1. If one day you realize that your spouse is an alien, what will you do?

a) Marry and settle in his or her planet

b) Dump your spouse

c) Marry him or her and settle on earth

2. If you find your boyfriend staring at another girl, what will you do?

a) Slap him

b) Slap the girl

3. How will you react if your spouse’s ex turns up at the same party?


4. Do you think that your spouse talks a lot?

a) Yes

b) No

5. If given a chance, with which film star would you replace your partner and why?


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