Customer Feedback Survey is the only way a company can improve its standards and win the hearts of millions of its customers. Customer Feedback survey is one of the latest and most used statistical devices used by the companies to find out what exactly is in the heart of the customers. Companies have realized that it is essential on their part to find out what the customer thinks in order to device a product that satisfies them.

Customer Feedback Survey Sample

1. How was your overall experience with the Company STR?

a. valuable


c. Less than satisfied

d Disappointed.

2. Kindly elaborate on the above comments.

3. Was the entire process of buying the product from Company XYZ up to mark?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Not Sure.

4. Would you like to opt for the product again?

a. Yes

b. No

5. What is the one factor that makes you loyal to this brand?

a. Quality

b. Quantity

c. Company’s Goodwill

d. Customer service

6. Would you use similar product of other brands?

a. yes

b. No

c. Not Sure

d. In case of any other reason, please specify….

7. Any specific changes you want to be made in order to increase your level of satisfaction?

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