“A satisfied customer is a walking advertisement for the business” – goes the famous adage. Taking a cue from it, every business unit leaves no room of doubt about the satisfaction level of its valuable customer. Customer Satisfaction Survey helps to cement the deficiencies, if any. The reasons of dissatisfaction can arise from a minor issue like the non receipt to of customary courtesy call. It could be an instance where the aggrieved customer feels he has been over-charged. Such survey brings to light the loopholes which demand immediate action from the management.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Example Sample

1.What you liked the best about us?

a.Staff Hospitality

b.Location of the office premises

c. The Reception Desk

d.If others, please specify ……

2.What amendment(s) do you want us to bring?

a.Reduce the price of product/service

b.Find solution to customer query in less time

c. Keep a grievance/suggestion book at the reception desk

d.If others please specify …………..

3.Were you satisfied with the hospitality of our staff?



4.Are you satisfied with the quality of product/service?



5.Did you get the value for your money?



6.Any adverse remark on any employee/department?

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