Customer Satisfaction is the chief goal which every company wishes to attain. This is important as after costumer’s feedback one can come to know the areas where improvement is required. Customer satisfaction survey is the key to success for any company. The convenience of the customers should be the paramount priority of the companies. So we can say that customer satisfaction survey questions are effective statistical device.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions Sample

Q1. Since how long are you associated with this product?

Q2. Are you fully satisfied with the quality of the product?

Q3. From where did you get knowledge about the product?

(a)    Radio

(b)   TV

(c)    Newspaper

(d)   Internet

Q4. Please provide us any suggestions if required

Q5.How do you rate this product?

(a)    Excellent

(b)   Very good

(c)    Average

(d)   Bad

(e)    Poor

Q6. Would you switch to any other product if offered at lower price?

(a)  yes

(b)  No

Q7. Would you recommend this product to your friends and relatives?

(a)    Yes

(b)   No

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