Customer’s satisfaction survey is a milestone which is of vital requirement in the growth of an organization as it helps to find out the satisfaction level of a customer in relation to a particular service. With the help of this survey, companies work hard on their weak points and try to maintain their brand image.

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Sample:

Q1. Kindly provide us your contact details?

Q2. In your recent purchases, how did you contact our sales person?

(a)                        Vis telephone

(b)                        In person

(c) Internet

(d)                        Others

Q3. Are you fully satisfied with our outlet customer service staff?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        Somewhat, Yes.

(c)  No

Q4. Have you ever faced any technical problem with floor manager during your online and manual purchases?

(a)                        No. Never

(b)                        Yes, sometimes

(c) Often faced

Q5. During your queries related to our products and brands, were you satisfied with the information provided by our customer service team?

(a)                        Fully  Satisfied

(b)                        Somewhat satisfied

(c) Not much satisfied

Q6.  Would you like to provide us any suggestions to make our customer service team more effective?

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