Worldwide customer is   treated with much respect. His satisfaction and dissatisfaction sometimes mean the skyrocketing profits and nose-diving profits respectively. Therefore commercial houses often resort to know how the customer felt about the customer service provided to them. This face-to-face interaction with the customer serves twin purpose. Firstly, it helps in monitoring the areas which needs improvement. Secondly it allows the management to know where they stand.

Customer Service Survey Form Sample

Excellent    Good    Average   Poor

1.How did you find the ambience?

2.How did you find the staff’s


3.Was our staff well informed?

4.How was the efficiency to resolve

the query?

5.How was the willingness of the staff

to find a solution to your problem?

6.How was the patience in listening

to you before executing

the problem?

Open Ended questions

7.Would you like to recommend

any particular staff to others ?

8.What did you like the most in him/her?

9.What changes would you to see in us?

  1. How often do you come here?
  2. What gives you a sense of ease

when you are here?

  1. Was it easy to locate the office




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