Demographic survey is held to calculate the characteristics of population which is used by the Government for National Records. Demographic survey includes a number of different questions related to an individual’s professional and social life.

Demographic Survey Questions Sample:

Q1. What is your age?

(a)                        18-30

(b)                        30- 48

(c) 48- 60

(d)                        More than 60

Q2. Choose your gender?

(a)                        Male

(b)                        Female

Q3. Select your mother tongue?

(a)                        English

(b)                        French

(c) Spanish

(d)                        others

Q4. Choose the highest level education you have obtained?

(a)                        High school education

(b)                        Senior secondary school education

(c) Bachelors degree

(d)                        Master’s degree

(e)                        Others

Q5. What is your marital status?

(a)                        Married

(b)                        Unmarried

(c) divorced

(d)                        Never married

Q6. Do you have kids?

(a)                        Yes( Please mention the number of kids)

(b)                        No, not yet

Q8. What is you occupation?

(a)                        Homemaker

(b)                        Business

(c) Private job

(d)                        Government professional

Q9. What is your monthly salary package?

(a)Less than Rs.10,000

(b)Between Rs.10,000 – Rs.50,000

(c)More than Rs.50,000

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