An ecological training survey is a kind of a survey which is conducted by ecological organisations to carry out a number of specific tasks. Some of these surveys help to improve environment by carrying out tests based on the survey results. These surveys are generally objective type which means that the questions must have been equipped with a number of choices out of which the candidates must select one as their answer. These surveys can be topic specific or either general in nature.

Ecological training survey sample:

1. As a responsible citizen, are you aware of your role towards ecology and environment:

a) Yes

b) No

2. Which of the following type of recycling do you engage in usually?

a) Aluminium cans

b) Plastic bottles and other plastic material

c) Paper

d) Cloth

e) Furniture and other appliances

3. What steps as an individual do you take for the ecology?

a) Recycle

b) Use less

c) Conservation

d) Reuse

e) Engage in volunteering activities and motivate others

4. What according to you is the main problem faced by earth today. How do you think can you help in that problem?

5. Which of the following policies do you think the government should adopt?

a) Set higher standards for air pollution

b) Water rationing in dry areas

c) Use biodegradable products

d) Halt destruction of forests

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