Employee evaluation survey is an effective tool to measure the performance of the employee. This is certainly a daunting task but could be the best achieved through surveys.

Employee Evaluation Survey Sample

1) How many performance bonus you generally get per year?

  1. More than two
  2. One
  3. Not even one

2) How much are your seniors dependant on you?

  1. Very much
  2. Not much
  3. Not at all

3) How often do you get hike on your appurtenances due to your performance?

  1. After every six months
  2. After an year
  3. Its same since joining

4) Do you often travel abroad for company’s work?

  1. Yes, very much
  2. Once till date
  3. Not as yet

5)   How many promotions you have received till date since your joining? Mention the date of joining in this case _____________.

  1. One
  2. More than one
  3. Not a single one.
  4. Expecting to have one soon

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