An efficient employee is an asset to a company or an institute. In general, there are many applicants in race for a single post. The employee interview survey is designed by the experience human resource personnel and is aimed to gauge the abilities of the applicants and choose the one who is apt for carrying out the prescribed responsibilities of the post diligently.

Employee Interview Survey Sample

1. For working in a team, which factor is the most important to be considered?

  1. The guidance of the team leader
  2. One’s own integrity in the team
  3. Bonding with the team members
  4. Meeting the deadline and executing the given task efficiently

2. What motivates you to work?

  1. Incentives
  2. The challenge that the work has to offer
  3. The amiable nature of the supervisor
  4. The learning process that improves one’s abilities

3. Are you open to traveling if the work demands so?

  1. Never
  2. May be
  3. Yes

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