Employee Morale Survey is a great and innovative statistical tool that is used by the companies for the betterment of the employees. The employee morale survey indicates what the moralistic views and ideas are. The Employee Morale Survey is a great way to ensure that the company is doing just the right things in order to retain the employees.

Employee Morale Survey

1. Mention your company’s name?

2. What is your job profile?

3. Were you caught doing any unethical job?

a. Yes

b. No

4. How many years are you working in this present company?

5. What is the total number of employees in this company?

a. 0-100

b. 100-200

c. 200-300

d. 300-400

e. Less than 500

6. Where do you see your future?

a. In this company

b. Somewhere else

c. Not too sure

7. Does the company motivate you to do better?

8. Are you qualified for your job?

a. Over qualified

b. Under qualified

c. At par

9. Do you want to quit?

a. Yes

b. No

10. Mention your type of Industry?

a. Computer

b. Medicine

c. Electronics

d. Education

e. Insurance

f. Banking

g. Telecommunication

h. Retail

i. Legal

j.   Aerospace

k. In case of others, please specify…

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