An employee recognition survey is a tool by which a company gets feedback from its employees on the topic related to the recognition of the employee in their organization. It helps the department to develop and make improvements in the employee recognition program.

Sample Employee Recognition Survey:

  1. Have you ever received an award or given an appreciation at your workplace?

a.) Yes

b.) No

  1. How important is it for you to get valued and appreciated?

a.) Very important

b.) Important

c.) Not important

  1. How well does our department perform in delivering the tasks?

a.) Very good

b.) Good

c.) Average

d.) Poor

  1. Are you satisfied with the way your company recognizes your work?

a.) Yes

b.) No

  1. What measures do you think should be taken to improve the recognition program?

6.   Do you think that undeserving people get recognition in your organization?

a.) Yes

b.) No

7.   How do you think a person’s should be recognized?

a.) Verbal thank you

b.)  Minister’s award

c.)  Special lunch or dinner

d.) Monetary benefits

e.) Other (please specify)

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