Employee satisfaction Survey Questionnaire is one of the latest tools employed by companies to understand where exactly they stand in terms of employee satisfaction. Knowingly or unknowingly, often the company takes a stance that is not well received by the employees. It is this employee satisfaction survey questionnaire that helps them to come close with reality and gives them an honest and genuine feedback.

Employee satisfaction survey questionnaire Sample

1. How long are you associated with this company?

a.1 year – 2 year

b. 2 year -3 year

c. 3 year- 4 year

d.4 year – 5 year

2. what is your job profile in the company?

3. When do you expect your next promotion in this company?

a. This year

b. Next Year.

c. Three years later

d In case of anything else, please specify…

4. When was the last time you got a promotion?

a. Last year

b. This year

c. Two years back

d. Never.

5. Are you aware of the various HR policies at work?

a. Yes

b. Most of them

c. No

d. Only some of them

6. Are you motivated at work?

a. Yes

b. No

7. Are you satisfied with your job profile?

a. Yes satisfied.

b. No I am not satisfied at all.

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