A company can never run without its employees. A satisfied employee is known to run the extra mile to ensure that the Company’s goal is met. More than often, employers or management end up taking certain decisions that do not go down well with the employees. The worst part is that, the senior management is not even aware of the affect they have on the employees. Thanks to important statistical devices like Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire, the company gets a chance to understand what exactly is going on the mind of the employees.

Employee satisfaction survey questionnaire Sample

1. What is your designation?

a. Executive

b. Assistant Manager

c. Manager

d. Senior Manager

e. Vice President

f. CEO

g. In case of others, please specify….

2. Which department do you belong to?

a. IT

b. Legal

c. Compliance

d. Operations

e. Sales

f. Marketing.

g. In case of others, please specify…..

3. How long are you associated with the present company?

a. less than 1 year

b. Less than 2 year

c. Less than 3 year

d. Less than 4 year

e. Less than 5 year

f. More than 5 years.

4. How satisfied are you with your present job at company XYZ?

a. Very satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. No Comments

d. Disappointed

f. Extremely disappointed.

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