Employee Survey is a great way for companies to get real time feedback from the employees. Often, the companies take certain decisions, which may not be received well by the employees. It is these employee survey questions that give the company a chance to understand the employees and make amendments in their directives. This is known as a feedback session, where the employer can gauge where he is going wrong.

Employee Survey Questions Sample

1. Which Department do you Work in?

a. Accounting



d. Sales

e. Operations.

f. In case of others, please specify…….

2. Please describe your job profile in details.

3. What is your designation in your company?

a. Executive


c. Senior Manager

d. VP

e. CEO

f. In case of others, please specify.

4. What is your duration of work in this present company?

a. Less than 1 year

b. More than 1 year.

c. More than 1 yr but less than 2 years.

d.More than 2 years but less than 3 years

e. More than 3 years.

5. Are you satisfied with the job?

a. Yes extremely satisfied



d. Disappointed.

6. Would you recommend your friends to work in this company?

a. Yes I would.

b. No I would not.

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