Employee training survey is organized by recruitment companies to train newly recruited employees. Employee training survey is beneficial to understand the shortcomings of training, factors to overcome deficiencies and rate current training level.

Employee Training Survey Sample:

Q1. Choose the right option in which you have attended training and which describes you job designation?

(a)                        Finance

(b)                        Clerical

(c) Sales& marketing

(d)                        Advertising

Q2. What was the duration of your training?

(a)                        3 months

(b)                        6 months

(c) 8 months

Q3. Do you agree that the training program has motivated you to drive the company in a positive direction?

(a) Strongly agree

(b) Agree

(c) Disagree

Q4. Do you feel that the trainings for different department should be organized differently?

(a)                        Absolutely

(b)                        Yes

(c) No

(d)                        Not sure

Q5. What did you not likes about the training programme?

(a)                        Mental harassment

(b)                        Partiality

(c) Abuse

(d)                        Very long duration

(e)                        If any other, please mention

Q6. Would you like to suggest your views to improve our training programs?

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